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"I grew up breathing the dead air between 'Our Father' and 'Amen.' Which is to say: I came of age playing hide-and-seek in Baptist church basements, colouring on offering envelopes behind chapel pews. I learned to read by tripping over the names of Old Testament prophets, learned to count by reciting the plagues of Egypt in order: one, blood, two, frogs."

Cut Out of Something Holy

Creative Non-Fiction

"...Portrait of a Lady on Fire embodies the dangerous edge of a counter-hegemonic narrative that resists the male gaze. But while this feminine resistance is unapologetically political, it is never forceful — rather, revolution is made manifest in fleeting glances, candlelit confessions, and soft brushstrokes."

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

as a Counter-Hegemonic Alternative to the Male Gaze

Film Criticism

"It's too early when Grace shakes me awake, her clumsy kid-fingers prodding the sleep from my sides.

'Peter,' her voice is small. 'Dad’s outside digging holes again.'"

Beetles and Backyard Constellations

Short Fiction

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